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Knowing what your child is learning helps you support them throughout their education.

In this section you can find out how what's happening today at Gilmore Primary, along with the getting to know more about what we offer.

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Online Safety Resources

Children today might be digital natives, and even more tech-savvy than adults, but they often lack the maturity, resilience or experience to cope with online risks. This includes things like cyberbullying, unwanted contact from strangers or coming across inappropriate content.

The eSafety Kids website is a fun and engaging way to get children thinking about the importance of being safe online.

Be an eSafe Kid immerses young children into a bright, visual and interactive world of online safety where children, aged between 5 and 9 years, can explore a range of topics such as 'I saw something online I didn't like' and 'someone is contacting me and I don't want them to'. It can also help to get the online safety conversation started.

For those children who are a little older, clicking on 'I need help with...' allows them to enter a similar world, but with a little more information such as 'sharing photos and my personal information online'. It also helps them with advice and support if they are being bullied online, including how to make a report to us with a trusted adult.

Supervision of Students

National law states that parents/carers must deliver preschool children directly to a staff member at the time lessons commence (9:00am) and collect preschool children directly from a staff member when the preschool session concludes (3:00pm). Where preschool children are to be collected by another person, this person must ne authorised in writing by the parent. This would be expected to be a responsible adult. If the person is unknown to staff, identification should be requested.

In line with the Directorate's Supervision of Students of School Sites Policy, a staff member provides supervision between 8:30-9:00am each morning for children in Kindergarten to Year 6. This supervision is provided on the basketball courts outside the Robin Klein building or in Breakfast Club. All children in Kindergarten to Year 6 who arrive before the commencement of the school day should proceed to the basketball court. Children are not permitted on play equipment prior to school commencing each day, even if they are still under your supervision.

Supervision of play is provided during recess and lunchtime play periods. Supervising teachers wear a fluorescent vest to assist children to find them quickly. Children are regularly reminded of appropriate use of the designated play spaces.

Staff provide supervision at the front of the school each afternoon to ensure children leave safely.

Families are asked to cooperate with school arrangements for the safe delivery and collection of students including school drop off and pick up points and car park arrangements. This includes parking in designated parking bays not 'double parking' in the car park. Do not park in the disabled spaces unless you have the authority to do so. Parents/carers are expected to be responsible for the care and supervision of students travelling to and from school; outside the times of school supervision before and after school; and before and directly after the commencement and conclusion of a preschool session.

Parents/carers are expected to sign children out of school or to provide written permission for students to leave school during the school day.

Student Absences

An important part of our transition into the new School Administration System (SAS) is sending SMS messages to inform of student absences. You will receive an SMS message to let you know your child has been recorded as absent on the morning of their absence. We will endeavour to send this by 10:00am every day. This will reassure you of your child's arrival at school and make it easier to keep your child's attendance record up to date when they are absent.

You simply reply via SMS, with your child's name and the reason for your child's absence and we will update our records. If you do not reply, your child's absence will be recorded as "unexplained". For unexpected absences, responding to the SMS will streamline our processes. We still appreciate receiving advanced notice of planned absences.