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Notification of Collection of Personal Information

The ACT Education Directorate is obliged to handle your personal information openly, transparently and in accordance with the Territory Privacy Principles set out in the Information Privacy Act 2014.

We explain how we collect, use, share, and store your personal information and how you can access and correct it in our privacy policy. You can view our privacy policy on the About Us page of the Directorate's website (www.det.act.gov.au/about_us).

The collection of this personal information is required under the Information Privacy Act 2014. Normally, we will not use or disclose this information for another purpose, without your consent, unless you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information for a related purpose. You can access the Information Privacy Act 2014 at the ACT Legislation Register website (www.legislation.act.gov.au)

If you believe that your personal information has not been handled appropriately or that we have breached the Territory Privacy Principles, you can contact us to make a complaint. Refer to the Directorates Complaints Policy which is located on the Policies page of the Directorate's website,


You can contact us for general privacy enquiries at:

ACT Education Directorate

Privacy Contact Officer

Governance and Legal Liaison Section

Governance and Assurance Branch

Post: GPO Box 158, CANBERRA ACT 2601

Email: DET.legal.liaison@act.gov.au

Phone: (02) 6205 9159

The Education Directorate’s policies can be located at this website link:


Preschool: National Law and Regulations

Access and further information about the National Law and Regulations can be found at the following links.