Enrolling/Transferring - ACT Public Schools

Visit the Education website at www.education.act.gov.au for more information and to enrol using the online enrolment form

Parents/carers are welcome to apply to enrol/transfer their child at any time during the school year using an online application form. Full details are available from the Education website.

Information Regarding Immunisation Records and Exclusion of Children with Infectious Conditions from School/Childcare

When you enrol your child into an ACT primary school, preschool or childcare centre you are required to provide the school or centre two copies of your child's immunisation record or a statement or declaration of their immunisation history. This information allows steps to be taken to minimise disease spread if a vaccine preventable disease such as Measles or Pertussis (Whooping Cough) occurs at the school.

Comprehensive information about the public health requirements for immunisation, infectious disease notification and exclusion of unimmunised children is contained in the ACT Immunisation Requirements for Entry into school, preschool and childcare 2nd Edition: Parent Guide (the Guide).

Please do not hesitate to contact the ACT Health, Health Protection Service,  Immunisation Information Line on 02 5124 9800 if you have any questions or require a copy of the Guide. If you wish to have your child immunised please contact your general practice or the Community Health Intake line on 02 5124 9977 to make an appointment at an Early Childhood Immunisation Clinic for child under six years of age.

NSW Students Enrolling in ACT Public Schools

Under the NSW Education Act 1990, the NSW Government is responsible for providing schooling for NSW resident students. However, the ACT Government has for many years provided education services to NSW residents in the region surrounding the ACT. This long-standing commitment is part of the current ACT-NSW Memorandum of Understanding for Regional Collaboration.

To maintain our commitment to families in the ACT surrounding region, and to provide greater certainty for cross-border families, new arrangements were put in place in 2019. The ACT Government has worked with the NSW Government to ensure these arrangements continue to provide several viable options for NSW families.

When NSW families enrol in the Canberra public school system, you will be given a clear pathway through all stages of schooling including primary, secondary and senior (college) at selected schools in Belconnen and Tuggeranong. Once a student is enrolled on a pathway, they will be guaranteed a place in that pathway. For example, this means any NSW student who enrolled under a particular pathway in the 2021 intake, will be able to continue on that pathway in 2022 and beyond.

Gilmore Primary School is a pathway school.

More information can be found here:  https://www.education.act.gov.au/public-school-life/enrolling-in-a-public-school/nsw-resident-enrolments