Gilmore Primary School

An ACT Public School


Because we believe that all children can be successful mathematicians you will see educators modelling and fostering a positive attitude towards mathematics.

Because we believe that becoming numerate is a developmental process you will see teachers providing engaging and authentic learning opportunities that are embedded in the real world.

Because we believe that becoming numerate is an active process you will see children manipulating materials, asking questions, exploring problems, and recording learning independently, with other children and educators.

Because we believe that mathematics is a language in itself you will see educators supporting the development and application of mathematical language.

Because we believe that children need a strong foundation built upon the understanding of place value and number concepts you will see children practising activities that allow them to explore numbers and the way they work.

Because we believe that mathematical learning moves from the concrete to the abstract you will see educators providing learning opportunities relevant to each child’s developmental stage (concrete materials, language development, visual representations, symbolic systems).

Because we believe children need to build a range of effective and efficient mental computation strategies you will see children rehearsing and applying mental computation strategies with explicit instruction from educators.

Because we believe that children need to build mathematical fluency you will see children being given time to practise their recall of number facts, calculate answers efficiently, choose appropriate methods, and make approximations.

Because we believe that children need to develop connections between mathematical concepts you will see children investigating how learning can be applied to new contexts, including skills and knowledge in number and algebra, space and measurement, and statistics and probability

Because we believe in the value of a balanced numeracy program you will see whole and small group instruction, teacher modelling, independent and shared inquiry, conferencing and sharing.

Because we believe that mathematics education in schools has evolved over time you will see educators considering how to share aspects of curriculum, pedagogy, strategies and activities with families.

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