Learners and learning

Curriculum development at Gilmore Primary School is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework in the preschool year and the Australian Curriculum in Kindergarten to Year 6. Our daily practice is guided by a set of principles about learners and learning. These are defined below.

Because we believe that all children can learn you will see personalised learning where children and educators collaborate in developing individualised learning goals, providing matching feedback, differentiating learning and targeting teaching to meet these goals.

Because we believe that children benefit from developing an inquiry mind-set you will hear children asking questions, wondering about their world and having opportunities to explore their interests.

Because we believe that children learn through a process of gradual release of responsibility you will see educators modelling and demonstrating skills, knowledge and behaviours; guiding children to take increasing responsibility to complete tasks; and providing descriptive feedback to support independent practise.

Because we believe 21st Century learning is made up of integrated and interconnected set of knowledge, skills, dispositions and behaviours you will see children making connections between learning areas, co-curricular programs and in their lives outside school.

Because we believe that effective learners use a variety of strategies to gain and convey meaning you will see the teaching, practising, and celebrating of learning through multiple modes.

Because we believe that making mistakes is a natural and often necessary stage in a learner’s conceptual development you will see educators modelling mistakes, risk taking and persistence in learning.

Because we believe that high expectations enable success you will see children engaged in goal setting.

Because we believe that the physical learning environment is the third teacher you will see learning environments that inspire reflect and provide for deep and purposeful learning.