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Gilmore Primary School is built on the lands of the Ngunnawal people. The contribution of the traditional owners of the land is acknowledged at all school functions. The school is situated in the suburb of Gilmore in the Tuggeranong region of the ACT. Established in 1987, the school has expanded and contracted in population as the suburb has aged. We are now a small school with strong connections with our local community.

The information on our website has been developed by children, staff and families to ensure it reflects all aspects of teaching and learning, leading and managing, student environment, and community involvement. Its purpose is to provide an overview of our quality teaching and learning programs, developed in partnership with our school community and delivered by our expert teaching team.

Welcome to Gilmore Primary School!

Whole School Learning: Oral Language

Oral language is the foundation of all student learning and social interactions. It is essential for literacy learning, which underpins learning across all areas of the curriculum. Effective use of oral language is critical for students’ social, emotional and academic wellbeing (Cameron & Dempsey, 2016). Due to the importance of oral language and its impact on life success, Gilmore Primary School is having a whole school focus on oral language development for the remainder of the year.

Week 7 Term 2 2017

Friday Under 5's @ Gilmore

Our new playgroup has commenced and we have been pleased to see old and new faces in the group. This playgroup is facilitated by one of our educators, with staff from The Smith Family and the Tuggeranong Child and Family Centre. Morning tea is provided and the free sessions run from 9:30am to 11:00am on Fridays in school weeks two to nine each term.

Week 6 Term 2 2017

Gilmore turns 30!

In 1987 Gilmore Primary School opened our doors and have formed a vital part of our local community ever since. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Gilmore Primary School P&C Association in conjunction with the wider school community are putting on a 30th Birthday Extravaganza! A huge celebration with all the usual fete activities will be held from 12pm-4pm Saturday 11 November 2017.

More details and announcements of different ways families can contribute and assist will be announced over the coming months. You can keep up to date by following the school’s Facebook page and 30th celebration event on that page.

Firstly though, the school will be erecting three new flagpoles at Gilmore Primary School in 2017. The unveiling of these flagpoles is expected to form a central commemorative part of the 30th birthday celebration in November. Families, members of the school community, former students, teachers and staff have the opportunity to purchase engraved pavers to be used around the new flagpoles. If you are interested in donating a paver please fill out the order form (easily found under ‘School Notes’ on the side menu of this homepage). Orders close Friday 28 July 2017.

Week 5 Term 2 2017

Gilmore Guidelines

We gathered together this week for another Gilmore Guideline to be introduced.

At Gilmore Primary School relationships are important. Because we value courage, kindness and respect you will see us move safely, speak safely and follow instructions the first time.

Week 2 Term 2 2017

We are a KidsMatter school

As part of this initiative we are running a postcard competition where students from P to 6 can create an artwork based on the school values of Courage, Kindness and Respect. Selected artworks will be featured on school good news postcards. Look out for these next term with positive messages written by teachers letting you know about fabulous things your children are achieving.

Week 8 Term 1 2017

Red, purple, green - what does that mean?

All students in our K-6 learning environment have been focusing on the first of our Gilmore Guidelines which is moving safely around the school and in their classrooms. This involves being in control of their bodies and how they move or don't. They have been learning how to find controlled relaxed positions for learning.

The red, purple, green visual prompts are displayed in every learning environment to support children to maintain a still learning body, keep their hands to themselves, and move in a way that provides enough space for everyone to feel safe.

Week 6 Term 1 2017

Gilmore Gathering

Children will be bringing home an invitation soon, with details about a picnic and information evening to be held on Thursday 16 March. We look forward to seeing you there.

Week 5 Term 1 2017

Keep us up-to-date

A copy of the contact information that we hold at the school for your child/ren has been mailed out. Please check that details are current, update any information and return it to the front office as soon as possible. If the information is still current, please write "no changes required" and return the unchanged document to us via the front office.

This information is used for many purposes, including ringing to invite you to assemblies when your child is receiving an award, contacting you if your child is injured, and emailing our fortnightly Gilmore Gazette.

Week 4 Term 1 2017

Library Days

Preschool: Monday. K/1: Tuesday. Year 1: Friday. Years 2, 3, 4/5 and 5/6: Thursday.
Could children please bring a library bag to school on their library day, to protect the books they will borrow.

Week 2 Term 1 2017

Lunchtime Learning

We are delighted to offer our Lunchtime Clubs again this year. These groups offer children an alternative to the busy playground and an opportunity for them to follow their passion. Staff provide these activities from 1:30pm until 1:50pm, as part of their supervision of play responsibilities. You are always welcome to join in with the Lunchtime Learning fun; simply sign in at the front office.

Monday - Gardening Group.
Tuesday - Creativity Club.
Wednesday - Book Bandits.
Thursday - Singing Stars.
Friday - Coding Club.

Week 2 Term 1 2017

Welcome to 2017

We begin every school day with a Walk and Talk around our grounds, weather permitting. This activity forms a key component of our curriculum to develop children's personal and social capabilities. Our families are welcome to join us!

Week 2 Term 1 2017

We are a SunSmart School

Given students are at school during peak ultraviolet radiation (UVR) times throughout the day, between 10am and 3pm, schools play a major role in both minimising a student's UV exposure.

With this in mind, Gilmore Primary School realises the need to protect student's skin and educate them about SunSmart behaviour.

To achieve this, we encourage all students to follow our SunSmart policy by:

Wearing a SunSmart hat, along with appropriate clothing
The Cancer Council recommends hats with a 7.5cm brim, legionnaire-style or bucket (minimum of 6cm brim). With clothing, the Cancer Council recommends clothing with collars, sleeves and are made out of closely woven fabric (natural fibres).

Use shaded or covered areas when outdoors.

To learn more about the work that Cancer Council ACT does as part of the National Schools Program visit the 'Why Primary Schools?' information page.

Weather and UV Alert


The Gilmore Primary School Facebook page is not intended for or designed to attract anyone, under the age of 13, to create their own Facebook account to access content on this page. We do not intentionally or knowingly collect personal information on this site from those who are under 13.

We encourage parents to be involved in the online activities of their children to ensure no information is collected from a child without parental permission.

Gilmore Primary artwork of students

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