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Gilmore Primary School’s library has an abundant supply of quality literature which has been carefully selected to support student interest and curriculum areas. Students at Gilmore Primary have voice and choice in their library collection and the school catalogue is updated regularly through teacher and student requests. Here at Gilmore Primary, our community value reading and therefore you will see children accessing the library for different purposes across the day. All classes, including the preschool, have weekly visits to the school library for personal borrowing and also class borrowing where children have the opportunity to select books for their classroom library. Our mission is to connect every child to a book and our goal is to provide opportunities for children to get lost in a book!


All student use of information and communication technology (ICT) at Gilmore Primary is focused on developing general ICT skills by investigating, communicating and creating through the use of laptops, electronic devices and interactive whiteboards. Opportunities are provided to students to learn how to effectively and appropriately access, create and communicate, independently and collaboratively to solve problems both at school and beyond. Students are explicitly taught social and ethical protocols and practices to enable them to become responsible, effective 21st century learners.

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