Gilmore Primary School

An ACT Public School

Resources and Facilities

Library Resource Centre

The school has a well-resourced library with a large collection of books available in both the fiction and non-fiction sections.

All classes have scheduled library times for instruction, research and the changing of books. Classes and groups also use the library at other times and the facility is open at lunch times for those who wish to use it. Each student in Years K-3 requires a library bag with the student's name securely attached for borrowing.

Computer Laboratory

The school has a computer laboratory with networked computers and a networked printer.

All classes have access to the lab at least once a week where student learning is focused on:

  • developing general IT skills,
  • improving research skills, and
  • improving literacy and numeracy skills by using some of the educational software packages available.

In addition, all classes in the school have access to networked computers to help support their learning.

Internet safety

Web filtering technology, managed by Education and Training Directorate, prevents students from accessing inappropriate material when online. Students are also required to sign an 'Acceptable Use of Internet & Code of Conduct' prior to accessing both online content and digital technologies.

This form can be found in our 'Policies, Forms and Learning Expectations' page or downloaded here.

Learning Units

All of the units at Gilmore Primary are named after famous Australian Authors.

Pamela Allen: Home to Preschool

Alison Lester: Home to Kindergarten, Year 1 & Year 2

Jeannie Baker: Home to Year 3 and 4

Robin Klein: Home to Year 5 and 6

May Gibbs: Home to Performing Arts

Gilmore Primary artwork of students

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