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School Board

School Board

The functions of the Board of a school are:

  1. to determine the educational policies to be implemented at the school, to assess, from time to time, the needs of the school in relation to the provision of buildings and facilities, equipment, funds and make recommendations to the Education and Training Directorate with respect to the meeting of those needs
  2. to determine the purpose for which funds made available for the school are to be expended
  3. to make recommendations to the Education and Training Directorate in respect of the use of the buildings, facilities and equipment of the school for purposes other than school purposes
  4. to develop relationships between the school and the community and between the school and community organizations
  5. to make recommendations to the Education and Training Directorate on matters relating to the school
  6. such other functions as the Education and Training Directorate confers upon the Board.

The ACT Education and Training Directorate, where necessary, enters into discussions with Boards and, where necessary, may give such directions as it thinks fit regarding the manner in which the functions of a Board or of Boards generally are to be performed.

In the performance of its functions, the Board complies with the directions given by the Education and Training Directorate.

The Board of our primary school consists of:

  1. the Principal of the school
  2. One member appointed by the Education and Training Directorate
  3. Two members elected by teachers employed at the school

Three members elected to represent parents and citizens.

Annual School Board Report (ABSR)

The Annual School Board Report is our evaluation of the school, its teachers, students and school community during the past year.

This report, read along with our Strategic Plan, will provide you with a summary of our school's initiatives and targets, and other educational practices, achievements and aspirations.

Read these reports to find out statistical information about us, such as how our students have performed against national minimal standards for reading, writing and numeracy in the NAPLAN tests, and details of the learning outcomes of students drawing from our school's internal assessment information.

A Message from the School Board

This week, the Directorate launched its new Occupational Violence Management Plan, designed to ensure a safe workplace and effective level of support for school staff facing physical and emotional abuse. This is a timely and important issue to raise with our school community, especially within the context of the recently released annual Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey (reported in the local media here - The survey results show that principals are experiencing violence or threats of violence in increasing numbers.

The Gilmore Primary School Board strongly supports the rights of all school staff to be treated with respect and to have a safe working environment. Verbal or physical abuse of staff is not compatible with our school values.

Week 2 Term 3 2017

Gilmore Primary artwork of students

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